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The pedagogy

Our Pedagogy is based on the following principles:

  • Connecting knowledge to life outside the school.
  • Ensuring that learning is shifted away from rote method.
  • Making examination more flexible and integrated into classroom life.
  • Use of cooperative and independent learning styles to accomplish.
  • Use of problem solving techniques to encourage critical thinking.

Indus Valley School

Evaluation and Assessment

We follow the grading system for evaluation and assessment for all subjects for class 1st to 8th. In class 8th examination system is introduced to expose children to competitiveness where they learn how to face exams and time management.

Digital Class Room

The purpose of the digital class program is to empower teachers with technology right inside their classrooms. The program enables teachers to use digital resources such as graphics, sound, animation, 3D images and video clips in addition to the chalk and talk methods of teaching in their day to day teaching life.

  • Improves teacher’s effectiveness and productivity.
  • It brings abstract and difficult curriculum concepts to life classrooms.
  • Makes learning and enjoyable experience for students.
  • Improve academic performance of students.
Digital Class Room

Health & Fitness

A healthy body is the home of a healthy mind. VGS has been conceived as a physical environment connected to the way children learn.


Regular Health & Medical check-up

Institution has tie-ups with renowned hospitals where yearly regular medical checkups are organized to check the student’s fitness with the help of well qualified doctors.



Open access with generous reading space, the library has thousand titles including Audio and Videos CDs. Our well stocked e-library comprises suitable books, encyclopedia and magazines.

Music and Dance Rooms

  • Vocal Music and Dance: Indian classical, western and folk.
  • Instrumental Music: Keyboard, Guitar, Violin, Tabla , Flute , Mandolin , Harmonium, School Brass Band.
  • Sports: Such as Basketball, Volley ball, Football, Cricket, Badminton.
  • Others: Yoga, Aerobics, Martial Arts, Taekwondo, Roller Skating, Athletics and Play swing. Table tennis, Chess and other Indoor games.


Pick up and drop facility for commuting to school from various points in Bhilwara is available, within 20 km. radius of Bhilwara.

Computer Lab

  • We have computer labs which are designed to meet the requirements of the students in all the streams.
  • Broad Band internet facility is provided to the students.

English Lab

English lab is designed to upgrade the following language skills of the students :

  • Communication
  • Active listening
  • Vocabulary
  • Phonetics
  • Conversation
  • Stress is laid on spoken English