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About Vidya Global School

Vidya Global School is an English medium School, co-educational School that combines the very best in educational practices, powered and propelled by philosophy of education that is electric and very truly modern. In keeping pace with the technological progress and the advent into the 21st century, the school has introduced digital aided learning to make teaching and learning more effective.

Our Philosophy

Education is a journey from Childhood to adulthood. We at Vidya Global School (VGS) wish to make this journey an exciting and fulfilling one. VGS seeks to develop students into confident, disciplined and critical thinkers. These qualities ensure that they grow into responsible and caring adults of a global society.

We respect the principle of “EACH INDIVIDUAL IS UNIQUE” and celebrate the integrity and dignity of each student. Discipline at VGS is based upon:

(Respect for self: Consideration for others: Concern for the environment)

Pre Primary

The pre- Primary wing functions as an extension of home. The teaching is informal with specially designed aids to facilities the psycho-motor skills of the little one.The focus are on learning by doing. Hence all learning is through play and pleasurable activities. We believe that spoon feeding and hot house protection harmful for the child.


Classes 1st and 2nd follow a well balanced academic curriculum with English, Hindi, E.V.S, Math’s, Computer Science as the core subjects and General Knowledge, Music, Dance, Art & Craft and Physical Education as essential support subjects. In classes 3rd 4th and 5th, in the place of Environmental Studies, there is segregation of Science and social Science which have been two well defined subjects.

Computer Science, General Knowledge, Music, Dance, Art & Craft and Physical Education Form an integral part of the curriculum. A period per week is allocated for Value Education as well as for Environmental Education. As far as 6th – 8th segment is concern, focus is to prepare for their future struggle of setting the career and being confident citizens in all walks of life.

Vidya Global  School